About us

We are twelve students from the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium in Rendsburg (Germany). With our mini-company we want to change something and make a contribution for our future. From this goal, we came up with the idea to produce bags for bread and fruit out of recycled materials, maps and fishingnets.

We, who grew up in the North in Rendsburg, which is located in Schleswig-Holstein, between the seas, not only do we love the sea, but we also want to protect them. Because of this, we want to fight against the plastic in the sea and with this thought we come up with the name meehr (mehr=more, Meer=sea). Meehr Umwelt, Meehr Leben, Meehr Meer (Meehr environment, Meehr life, Meehr sea). We are determind, that we can save much more plasctic in our everyday life, if we give the customers easy alternatives to make them think about the subject. With our products we want to offer an alternative to plascticusage. As mini-company we want to use this chance to shape our future and our home.

Autors: Anna Hansen und Line Ella Voß, CEOs of meehr.